Wellington Wine Walk
  Wellington Wine Walk


Wellington Valley

Obiqualand Tours CC consists of enthusiastic and passionate members with equal interest in the enterprise. They developed their flagship, the three-day Wellington Wine Walk early in 2004.

The members are Katrin Steytler, Jeanetta Ingwersen, Elaine Wegelin and Carol-Ann Jeffrey. They operate as seasoned guides as well as first-rate raconteurs, and share a wealth of the knowledge regarding the history, geography and ecology of the valley. Each member also contributes in a unique way to the management and operational responsibilities of the business.

On each Wellington wine walk, you will be accompanied by two guides for the day, while the others are busy in the background transporting your luggage to your next overnight stop and ensuring that everything runs smoothly for the duration of your walk. The guides accompanying you will introduce you to the local personalities and products of the area by guiding you along private property and quaint routes, inaccessible to the general public. They promise to unlock many of the well-kept secrets of Wellington and trust that your walk will be a true and very rewarding experience – one well worth while coming back to !!!!


Contact Details

Email: info@winewalk.co.za

Elaine Wegelin - Phone +27 83 235 5570
Katrin Steytler - Cell +27 82 335 8132

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